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拉斯洛企業有限公司   Laszlo Co., Ltd.

企業使命 「László」源自匈牙利文,公司名稱也致敬自世界上第一支原子筆的發明人 拜倫˙拉斯洛 (Bíró László)。

當年在其擔任記者職務時,有感於當代的筆記道具「鋼筆」的使用太過於繁瑣費時,進而對其改良而誕生了 現代原子筆的原型 而台灣拉斯洛企業有限公司也將延續其創新改革的精神,致力提供世界上最優良、經典的文具品牌給客戶, 同時也開發、引進更多質感生活選品,落實經典優雅的生活步調 有別於傳統企業的經營模式,台灣拉斯洛企業有限公司更注重每位客戶的風格與特色,依照各自不同的特色 與風格進行選品與推薦,以少量多樣的方式提供資源,建立便利又完整的供需平衡


Corporate mission:

" László " is derived from Hungarian, and the company name pays tribute to the inventor of the world's first ballpoint pen, " Bíró László ".

As a pressman, he felt that using contemporary writing instruments like fountain pens was too cumbersome and time-consuming. This led to the development of the prototype of the modern ballpoint pen. 

Taiwan László Enterprise Co., Ltd. will continue its innovative and reformist spirit, dedicated to providing customers with the world's finest and classic stationery brands while also developing and introducing more high-quality lifestyle products to implement a classic and elegant lifestyle. Unlike traditional business models, Taiwan László Enterprise Co., Ltd. focuses more on the style and characteristics of each customer, selecting and recommending products according to their different characteristics and styles, providing resources in a small-quantity and diversified manner, and establishing a convenient and complete supply-demand balance.

Business content:

Agent and distributor of domestic and foreign branded stationery
European, American, Japanese, and Korean lifestyle products
Stylish household items, kitchen utensils, and daily necessities

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